Interview with Cyber Security Talent: Nay Myat Min


Cybersecurity/ Ethical Hacking/ Bounty Hunting have been capturing the hearts of young talents in Myanmar.  Today, YEHG is wholeheartedly proud to feature a  cybersecurity talent, Nay Myat Min.



1. A little bit about yourself

I am Nay Myat Min, a master’s student of Cyber Security at Mahidol University. I am currently working as an assistant manager at BIM Cybersecurity and Consulting.

2. What made you become obsessed with Cyber Security?

It is almost magical how previous inventors created, and the security researchers found ways to overcome their obstacles. I wish to be someone like them who masters his craft,. I desire to understand in-depth how things work. Also, I am curious about how they react when approached in unintended ways, and I wish to investigate them systematically.

3. Please share how you achieved fantastic achievements.

During my final year as a Network Engineering student, I received a Cisco scholarship for CyberOps. I was intrigued by the cybersecurity contents. I wished to find out more about it, and thus I self-studied, Security+, SSCP, and CISSP. The knowledge I received from them helped me during my journey as a consultant at PwC Myanmar and still does.

Later, I participated in the CTF competitions held by MMCert. That is when I knew I wanted to do stuff in technical hands-on as I have only been in the theoretical security field so far.

Therefore, I studied for technical certifications like eCPPT, eWPT, and OSCP, etc. In my free time, I play the penetration testing labs, CTFs and watch YouTube videos. However, I love most learning by reading (i.e., not to miss details) and trying them out by myself.

4. How do you foresee yourself in the next couple of years?

Currently, I am planning to take an OSWE exam. Soon, I will be researching as part of my master’s thesis topics such as IoT Security, Container Security, and Smart Cities. As academics, I might also be pursuing a Ph.D. No one knows what the future holds, but I wish I could keep disassembling and documenting.

5. What do you like to tell about anyone pursuing Cybersecurity?

To think outside the box, you must know well about the insides and their boundaries first.

Do not be afraid to ask questions but ask wisely. Even when you are lost, do not stop trying as every experience counts. Most importantly, do not foolishly believe what people say when you have not tried it out (e.g., CISSP’s bad), for every good book you have read and digested is a plus. Information security is not limited to technical (i.e., include GRC).

6. Please share how we can follow you in social networks.

You can reach me via:

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