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OSEP course and exam review

 Introduction Hello guys, I would like to write a review about OSEP course and exam that I purchased in July 2021. During that time, my mind was feeling unwell and so I decided to take a course from Offsensive Security after I passed OSWE exam.  Course and lab review I subscribed OSEP for 3 months lab access because I am not very familiar with the course contents. You can download course syllabus from here . Once I can access to the course VPN, I started digging around the course PDF materials and I found that contents are really cool.  Last two years ago, I bought eCPTX course and found out that course contents and labs are really sucks but this time I am happy that I made the right decision.  Of course every course will not teach you all the things but the course contents are well organised and you will learn different antivirus bypass techniques like hiding macro inside word documents, process injection, process hollowing,  powershell in-memory evasion ..etc. And also you can learn