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Open-Realty CMS 2.5.8 (2.x.x) <= Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Vulnerability

1. OVERVIEW Open-Realty 2.5.8 and lower versions are vulnerable to Cross Site Request Forgery. 2. BACKGROUND Open-Realty is the world's leading real estate listing marketing and management CMS application, and has enjoyed being the real estate web site software of choice for professional web site developers since 2002. 3. VULNERABILITY DESCRIPTION Open-Realty 2.5.8 and lower versions contain a flaw that allows a remote Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF / XSRF) attack. The flaw exists because the application does not require multiple steps or explicit confirmation for sensitive transactions for majority of administrator functions such as adding new user, assigning user to administrative privilege. By using a crafted URL, an attacker may trick the victim into visiting to his web page to take advantage of the trust relationship between the authenticated victim and the application. Such an attack could trick the victim into executing arbitrary commands in the c