Interview with Cyber Security Talent: Hein Thant Zin

The year of 2020 has proven the booming of Cybersecurity/ Ethical Hacking/ Bounty Hunting young talents in Myanmar.  YEHG is wholeheartedly proud to feature an awesome young cybersecurity talent, Hein Thant Zin.



> A little bit about yourself

Just another guy who’d love to find some random loopholes in Web Application and REST API.

> What made you become obsessed with bug bounty?

I passionate learning about Web Application vulnerabilities last year and wanted to make some profit from my experience so I decided to do Bug Bounty since then.

> Please share how you achieved something you're personally most proud of?

I built up Team 0xpwn with my two mates to participate in Myanmar Cyber Security Challenge 2019 and we won First Prize in both University level and Open Level. 

Later, I participated in ASEAN Cyber Sea Game 2019 (Bangkok) and ASEAN Student Contest on Information Security 2019 ( Hanoi ) represented by Myanmar Team then I decided to do bug bounty for full time in Jan 2020. It was really tough as I don’t have that much experience about it. Honestly, even I went back to my hometown because I don’t have money to pay for my rent in Yangon( SAD af LMAO).  After all, I looked myself to know what I was missing and learned a lots. But now it’s about to end 2020 and I made some $$$$ that good amount in my age. 

Luckily I was able to participate Virtual Live Hacking Event h1-2010 Open and Qualifier level which is hosted by HackerOne and VerizonMedia. Also got acknowledgment from Google, Yahoo, Apple, TikTok, Razer, AT&T, NordVPN, ASUS, Oxford University and other companies for reporting security vulnerabilities in their Web Services.I admire Ko Kaung Htet Aung, Ko Ye Yint Min Thu Htut, Ko Sai Wynn Myat and Ko Kyaw Min Thein, Ko Wai Yan Aung in this field, especially I am really thankful to Ko Ye Yint for helping me about payment issues and guidance when I get started.

> How do you foresee yourself in the next couple of years?

Not sure, but I’m willing to take some Cert in coming months for my professional career and will keep doing bug bounty as I’m passionate about it.

> What do you like to tell about anyone pursuing Cybersecurity?

It’s all about passion. If you want to know something new, you might learn yourself. There are a lots of recourses which can help you to get what you want. There's no shortcut in Bug Bounty so please don’t go for bug bounty to get money without having strong knowledges about how does Web Application work, you'll end up really disappointed.

> Please share how we can follow you in social networks.

Of course, here you go

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