Ultimate Hackerfox Addons

We've found it impossible to run Portable Firefox with several security addons thanks to our contributing testers (Ko Soe Min, http://soemin.net & Ko Phyo, http://myanmaritpros.com). To work around this problem, we zip-bundle hacking addons with runnable invokers (run.exe in Windows, run.pl in Linux). You must have firefox installed in your system. Make sure you already close any Firefox beforehand. Our Greasemonkey scripts Included .
Download: version-1-light MD5: 80AED846164A1AECEB5AFE0759473DF2
version-2 MD5: 68C581305E2C16E9D51E41C7D75ED501
Requirement: Firefox Browser
Date: Auguest 2008

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