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Interview with Cybersecurity Talent: Kaung Htet Aung

1) A little bit about yourself I am Kaung Htet Aung. I explore weirdness in systems to surface security bugs for living. 2) What made you become obsessed with Cyber Security? I regard hacking as an art and this is generally how it's portrayed by many others as well if you reminisce about the past. As such my curiosity has always been onto exploring the process to be well versed in said art and addiction follows suit. Also, I genuinely love the adrenaline rush that occurs afterwards once a complexity has been broken into digestible pieces and allow me to break assumptions. 3) Please share how you achieved certain achievements? I am afraid this could become a long and dull post if I were to write "how" part in detail. Nonetheless, here is an abstract. To be frank, dedication and passion have been a strong driving force behind all my achievements thus far, be it in CTF competitions or Bug Bounty. I burned all my free time on CTF challenges and

Interview with Cybersecurity Talent: Steve Nyan Lin

1) A bit about yourself I am Steve Nyan Lin, currently working as a Security Consultant in Singapore, and have been staying here since my secondary schooling days. When I am not working, I like to play chess, watch football and listen to music. I currently hold a Bachelor in Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) from Nanyang Technological University. 2) What made you obsessed with Cybersecurity? I was first exposed to the penetration testing role during an internship role in university days. Before that, I had no idea about the concept of cybersecurity, the roles available in this field and how to go about becoming a cybersecurity professional. Even though I was not studying anything IT related during my schooling days, I felt passionate about pursuing a career in cybersecurity when I step into the working phase. To prepare myself before graduating, I have pursued and successfully attained CCNA Routing and Switching, CCNA Cyber Ops and CompTIA Security+. Even tho

Interview with CyberSecurity Talent: Aung Kyaw Phyo

  1) A little bit about yourself I am Aung Kyaw Phyo, graduated from University of Computer Studies, Yangon(UCSY). Currently, I am working as an Assoc Cyber Security Analyst in Kernellix.   2) What made you become obsessed with Cyber Security? I am interested in finding out the ways how can I intrude and bypass targets, learning how other guys find and exploit vulnerabilities and solving challenges. These mindsets make me become a Cyber Security Analyst.   3) Please share how you achieved OSCP certification / any recent certification if any. In a student life, I thought that I should challenge myself to work as Cyber Security penetration tester after student life. I found out that OSCP is one of the recommended industrial certificates among security professionals and the best entry-level certificate for penetration testing field. So, I decided to take OSCP to get an eligible place. But at this time, I confused about how to start and lost my ways. But fortunatel

Interview with CyberSecurity Talent: Ethan

1) A bit about yourself Everyone call me Ethan. I am just one of the Cyber Security Enthusiastics like others. 2) What made you become obsessed with CyberSecurity? I have been interesting in Cyber Security (Defensive) since I was young. I only interested how to secure my systems and network even when everyone was talking about the programming. My interest was getting stronger when I found out what I could do with the registry in Windows XP. I still remember that I was having fun to use bootable CD and reset the admin password and other students' passwords when I was in Systems Engineer class. Unfortunately, I  couldn't have a chance to pursue my interest a lot as resources were not be found as easily as they are right now back in 2005-2008. 3) Please share how you achieved OSCP certification / any recent certification if any. If you are looking for an inspiration story, you won’t find it here because I just don’t have it. But if you are looking why did I take a

Story of a Penetration Tester, Ko Sai Tin Htun Naing

This time, we reached out to Ko Sai Tin Htun Naing for sharing how he managed to get on to his long-desired security career. ------- My name is Sai Tin Htun Naing and formerly known as Infofreakz by the handle. I started my IT career in 2002 as a Web Designer. I then worked as a  Web Developer and  System Administrator. Currently, I’m working as a Penetration Tester. Over a decade ago, I was working as a web developer when I started to notice the term “Hacking”. Then, I was really curious about this term, “Hacking” (We used this term at that time) and started to study about the Web Hacking. But unfortunately, I was not able to follow my hobbies anymore due to several situations and need to hunt the money for several years and then, resulting me to keep away from the security field. In 2017, I decided to switch my career as a Pentester and then, I noticed that I need proof that I’m eligible to get a place in this field. I noticed that the best way is to get a professional ce