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Tool:: Ultimate Web Recon

UltimateWebRecon :: Download  UltimateWebRecon :: Intro With the prevalence of frame-busting scripts or X-Frame-Options header,  our web-based  Recon page is likely to be unusable soon in the future. So, we've coded a small Windows-based application that does the same. UltimateWebRecon ::  Minimum System Requirement - Microsoft .NET Framework 4+ UltimateWebRecon :: Database Update - Select Help > Update Database. UltimateWebRecon :: Program Update - The application should detect automatically at next launch after database update. UltimateWebRecon :: Database Structure The application uses an XML data file  reconDb.xml  which contains a list of common web resources that we use in our daily penetration testing projects.   You can examine the file's XML tag and attribute structure to add your own favorite URLs under classified categories.  An example g

OWASP WebGoat Training Complete Package

In order to ease the pain of downloading each single file, or pain of waiting for each single movie file, we have prepared the complete WebGoat movie viewer package like you see on our WebGoat page. You can simply open "index.htm" to enjoy learning WebGoat. Alternatively, you can launch our included python web server to enjoy learning from your browser. Download: